Tuesday, 6 July 2010

New Work Shown

....at 119 Gallery of Lowell, Mass.

The show;

This group show dealt with themes of dreams and the subconscious.

Sometimes we call ourselves something.
Lace Helmet. And Lace Helmet is Jeff Havens (Drawings) & Lillian Harden (Sculpture) & Myself.

We pooled our work to create;
Our Contribution, a multimedia installation. Entitled WOOLGATHERING.
My particular part took the form of accompanying audio...
I collected audio interviews from various peoples, exploring the imagery and events within their dream-state.
I collaged the audio media into a sound collage. It was my first audio exploration expression.

I hope you enjoy these artifacts

also some photos from the reception:

Thanks to everyone involved and Ms. Penn for the opportunity to exhibit!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Two Jobs/Two Many/Tu Mal

AGES AGO/The Past In Brief:

-At MIT Visual Arts Center in Boston, this gender show got me like crack (I went back twice, and it has since ended) The videos Charles Atlas made in the '80's, brilliant brilliant...Hail the New Puritan's last scene murdered me

-I met Marina Abramovic at ps1 in Queens, fulfilling something somewhat.
She signed a book I purchased and wrote me a message for the future on the back of a David Shrigley postcard.

She said she was tired.

-Currently Courting Camus, Rilke, or anyone morosely tragic while still strangely uplifting into sadly attractive. In youth, I wandered in libraries and lived there, picking up books at random and devouring them. I'd read a name suggestion and follow that lead; so my personal discovery upon classics and traditional literature was solely based on chance. In short, there is much I've read and much I've missed, and I see mostly advantages. This method caused the following: I now read things that, in the past and in my immaturity, I wouldn't understand then (which happened often) - My unique literature exploration allows me to still have a personal relationship to random readings - I appreciate word-of-mouth suggestions more than any other kind, because I've known so few.

-Go see the William Kentridge at MOMA, you bastards

Two months past and it is still resonating...

Friday, 5 February 2010

So I went to New York,

Because it was due time to saturate.
It was a few days ago/I stayed for a few days.
Here's part of what happened:

<>Caught the tail end of a photo show at Danziger Projects It featured a lovely photographer and lovely friend of mine, David Schoerner. Very Happy to have managed to see it on its last day Up. David's series "After Betty" nods at Gerhard Richter's turning woman portrait from the '80's:

<>At fredericks & freiser gallery, A lad named Nicholas Di Genova has tiny hands. Look close and see, he has drawn numerous amounts of butterflies. Normally this is not an image that impresses me very much. Here it does well. These are impressively small drawings.
At first I thought they were prints...

<>A notable experience at Printed Matter
, in which I come out empty-handed. I managed to use my roving eyes well and not commit to anything- a shame and a pleasure.

<>My favourite Wolfgang

More later -

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Work in Washington

Hello there.
You know that drawing I did very recently? Of the man's face?

Well, it has been recently featured in a portraiture exhibition at the Washington Street Arts Center in Somerville, Mass!
Sponsored by Snow Project Collective.

Here are some lovely images of the exhibition...

Thursday, 14 January 2010


Look at these things. One is a gift I gave and several are gifts I got. I gave this Miranda July/Harrell Fletcher book "Learning To Love You More" to someone I love. If you were not aware, This book is a printed archive of unique assignments that the authors had posted on their website to anyone in the world to respond to: "Tell your life story in a day" or "Take a picture of the sun" or "Write a script of the conversation you wished you could have" - the cover here is "Take a picture of your parents kissing".
While the requests are somewhat twee, the international responses are incredibly shocking, gorgeous, complex and uplifting. Artist Harrell Fletcher must be the mastermind behind this brilliant project - harrellfletcher.com/ is constantly bursting with generous suggestions for shining ideas.

These people with their backs to you are: The Janfamily.
This book has alluded me for years and now finally rests in my hands. The sophisticated and more beautiful cousin to the July/Fletcher book, it is aptly named "Plans for Other Days" A funny, unique photography catalog book full of soft suggestions: "How not to do what you did yesterday" and "How to blend it". It poses as a strange "how-to" manifesto that catalogues simple but innovative ways to react to our environment. The cover here encourages an alternative to a handshake: Make new friends who are just meeting each other: Button and zip their jackets together in order to introduce themselves. Why not?

These 2 photos right here ask: "Trace the outlines of your previous apt or home into your new one. That way the past and present will unite and strengthen one's character."
The JanFamily has scraped the previous paint job of chairs into the wall and floor (perhaps their past had more people in it?) and in the next photo they have used a drawing material to indicate various furniture and objects, now since gone.
I shall do mine with chalk...

Truly the genius of this book lays in the ambiguity. The format is very abstract and contains a very personal mood, despite being conceived by several individuals. While optimistic and insightful in conceptual message, the mood of melancholic, airy uncertainty is evident with each page. JanFamily is a London-based arts collective that made this vivid book and fell off the face of the earth. I find that as tragic and appealing as the text itself

A blank square. Of beautiful, perfect, pristine, stretched canvas. A brilliant gift. While the object itself should fully satisfy - This decisive show of confidence and encouragement nourishes me with a more gorgeous fortitude...

How wonderful! Exotic: Marzipan in the shape of fruit! For the first time in quite some time, Marzipan touches me

Monday, 4 January 2010

REPEAT: die Aktualität einer rekonstruierten Vergangenheit spüren

We're not just any body

...this happened

and that

Something I didn't do - it made me unable to continue seeing

Here it wasn't kind,

Do I have to die once or twice
To keep you for the rest, the rest of my life
Baby, what am I going to do
Baby, what am I going to do
With you, with you