Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Lame Rogue vs. Dumb Dumb in Big Parking Lot

The moleskin with watercolour paper and half rounded edge pages

A fourteen day too long delay. Quite exhausted, underneath this pile of exciting projects, stressful news, good novels, depressed situations and turkey week. A frequent flurrying will follow-

I don't know anything about these.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009



- Sly
- You want to fix my head
- Squids and octopi
- Faded red
- Holding you front stage
- French singers
- Chapped lips
- Inconsistent bad breath/good breath
- Shitty mattress
- Lean limbs
- Fluttering, light lashes
- Shoulder shirt buttons
- Striped wheel
- Looking sideways when you kiss
- Star socks
- African tree patterns
- Belly button semen
- Cocky quips
- Sensual, apprehensive laments
- Rainbow bike
- Swedish dream

Its you I'm talking about

Thursday, 5 November 2009



- Upstate Maine
- Obnoxious
- "The Mask" on VHS
- Tom's Shoes
- Buying girls jeans on Ebay
- Gummi Bear slingshots
- Sweating profusely, drinking out of a Newcastle beer jug on the floor of my living room
- Stolen spinach artichoke pizza and maple syrup
- Baltimore bail
- Sufjan Stevens and staring at a screen
- Yelling at my bedroom window
- Whoopie pies
- Sleeping on a cot
- Sharing wet dreams

Its you I'm talking about