Friday, 5 February 2010

So I went to New York,

Because it was due time to saturate.
It was a few days ago/I stayed for a few days.
Here's part of what happened:

<>Caught the tail end of a photo show at Danziger Projects It featured a lovely photographer and lovely friend of mine, David Schoerner. Very Happy to have managed to see it on its last day Up. David's series "After Betty" nods at Gerhard Richter's turning woman portrait from the '80's:

<>At fredericks & freiser gallery, A lad named Nicholas Di Genova has tiny hands. Look close and see, he has drawn numerous amounts of butterflies. Normally this is not an image that impresses me very much. Here it does well. These are impressively small drawings.
At first I thought they were prints...

<>A notable experience at Printed Matter
, in which I come out empty-handed. I managed to use my roving eyes well and not commit to anything- a shame and a pleasure.

<>My favourite Wolfgang

More later -

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