Monday, 14 December 2009

Approximately one week ago:

A person named Jeff Havens spent time in my studio and we made things side-by-side on a quiet, cold Sunday. Longtime collaborator and very close friend of mine, Jeff is a painter / print-maker / draftsman / curator / writer / activist and performance/ video /installation artist who lives quite reticently in Northampton, Massachusetts.
He is also a musician who plays in a band named Sway, based out of Boston (
For pure pleasure, I often play music with Jeff in his home. Or rather, he plays a stringed instrument and I sing (

Here are some pictures of Jeff creating a collage installation in a gallery. (Photography by Michael Kahan of

It is somewhat difficult to view Jeff's work or even Jeff himself, as he lives on what is most commonly referred to as "the fringes of society" He does have an email and telephone, but has no website or computer and does not treat electronic devices like extensions of his body. I feel very lucky to know him and have him around me consistently.

While in my studio, we both drew drawings and talked about important things. On the right here is this terrible drawing of a man's face that I did then. I feel pretty good about it


  1. I'll come to town. Sorry to have missed you last time. Schedule confliction is the plight of the best-laid plans.
    Do you remember those amazing Mexican masks I found at Todd's Farm? I'm mailing them off in mid-January. They are so beautiful and strange....a photo shoot before they've gone? I'd like very much to share some photo ideas with you, too. Also, I found a Canon Photura in a free bin!